Asier Aranzabal

Profesor Titular de Universidad en UPV/EHU

Family horseback riding to the reindeers’ kingdom. Chapt 1: The New Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia 2023)

Mila and I have returned to our travels in the style of the past, but this time in the company of our daughters, Uxue (12) and Garazi (9). We traveled to northern Mongolia in 2005, to the taiga where the reindeer herders, the Tsaatan, live.

18 years later, in 2023, we are also back on horseback, at a trot, even at a gallop. This is the adventure that Mila and Asier and our two daughters Uxue (12) and Garazi (9) offer you in several chapters. 22 days and 465 km on horseback, along the mountains and the taiga between Khovsgol Lake and the Siberian border, to the reindeer herders’ camps: the Tsaatan. We start with chapter 1: The New Ulan Bator.

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